Thursday, 19 February 2015

Zan On Tour 2015: A Beautiful Country

The last few days has been eventful. Lots of things happened, and we covered a lot of ground. When I last wrote, we were in Echuca. We went to Swan Hill shortly after, then drove to Carathool, then to Dubbo and now we are in Tamworth. I've done some driving (which felt liberating) and I've felt very blessed to be touring around such a beautiful country. Here are some photos:

We had a power cut in Swan Hill that lasted for 48 hours. It was crazy because it was boiling hot 40°C with no air con - I tell you, never again. I will always remember Swan Hill.

Look at the sky! Look at the drama! This is a road that you're not allowed to drive on when it's raining.

This is an eagle, soaring high above, looking for his next meal.

This is the beautiful colours of a sunset, peaking through the trees.

Here is a dramatic sunset scene - absolutely breath taking!

Here's a weird boulder-like prop that was left in the middle of a field. Those are Morgan's legs.

And here is a satellite dish (called, inventively, The Dish) that received the first transmissions from the moon!

We've put some miles in now and we've seen some wonderful scenery! When some countries advertise their countries to entice visitors, they pick the best bits of their country to show off. In Australia, it's probably safe to say that there's so much greatness in it, it's hard to decide what not to show off.

We have a day off tomorrow, and then the gigs begin again - work hard, play harder! 

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