Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Zan On Tour 2015: A Day in Australia

Well, I'm here, in Australia: the other side of the world! Hello! I had a good night of sleep, and don't appear to be too jetlagged, but all that could change in the next couple of minutes! Ha!

I've now spent my first full day here, and I have experienced the following:
~ A flock of parrots, talking together
~ Ice cream before 10am (we woke up randomly at 7am)
~ Australian sausage rolls - it's pastry stuffed with stuffing that's like a sausage roll but isn't.
~ Excellent pie that gives British pies a run for their money
~ Heat like in Hong Kong but without the sticky!
~ Eating a meal outdoors without getting wet or cold
~ Our first Australian pavlova
~ A flock of bats, flying home in the sunset

Here we are, enjoying our morning ice creams :)

It's been a lovely, relaxing first way, with much to learn and much to see! Tomorrow the work begins, and I'm excited! I have a good feeling about all of this, and hope that we can meet everyone's expectations! Zan, out! :)

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