Friday, 20 February 2015

Zan On Tour 2015: Marsupials and Other Critters

Morgan and I went to visit Marsupial Park with our lovely friend Donna from Malarkey. We were so excited to visit because we'd recently learned that Australia was full of marsupials - basically, any mammal that carries it's young in a pouch. We found more than marsupials at the park, and had a lovely time enjoying the fact that parrots are as common as pigeons in Australia! Once upon a time, Australia was known as Psittacoria which roughly means "Parrot Land". There are such amazing animals here!

This is a wallaby. He's playing it super cool here.

This is Morgan with an orphaned wallaroo! Aww, hello Ruby!

I fed a kangaroo! Yaaay!

My dad asked me to take a selfie with a kangaroo while I was here. Done!

Here's the baby wallaroo again. :)

Here is a big fat birdie. Some form of parrot.

This is a Pink Galah! He looks really cheeky in this pic! 

This is Wallie the duck!

Wallie wanted food from me but there wasn't any so he just nibbled on my hand! It really tickled.

And here are more colourful birdies - these ones are rescue birds but they are just normally out and about in Australia!

I have been absolutely fascinated by the wildlife ever since I got here and rightly so! We don't have any marsupials in the UK (apart from the one that my friends and I made up when we were at college) and our native animals certainly aren't a multitude of bright colours! It's been really interesting hearing all the stories, and seeing animals that we would only normally see in a zoo roam freely in the wild. Amazing stuff.

I had a really nice day of animal discovery today. Hoorah for marsupials, and thank you to Donna for taking us to see them today!

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