Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Rainbow Leaves

Since having my annual progression meeting last week, I've been feeling a little more relaxed. I've been focused on work without random pangs of panic and I've had time to play too.

A lot of my play today was dedicated to a doodle that I started on Sunday. Here it is, finished, and awesome!

Yay, doodled rainbow leaves! I think that I might turn this into 2 postcards. Or just keep it as a stand out piece for my etsy shop. Not sure yet! More doodles here.

Anyway, only a few days to go before I fly out to Australia. I'm looking forward to seeing new things, but I am totally not looking forward to 20 hours worth of flights. I'm working on music lists, books and all sorts to help me while away the time. 

Yay for postcards, and yay for zoodles!

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