Saturday, 14 February 2015

Zan On Tour 2015: Australia So Far

Here are a fun selection of photos of my adventure so far:

Here's a typical Australian postbox - I was super interested given that I have postcards to send.

Australians love pavlovas! Here's our first.

Look at this flower - it's so weird looking!

On the road!

The paddlesteamers at Echuca.

Flipflop tree.

Paddlesteamer and fuel.

Look at the gum trees! So tall and elegant!

This is Watson. He belonged to a very proud shop owner.

This book shop was not only filled with books, but also with a bajillion dog statues.

This is the main street in Echuca.

And beware the grape!

I'm having a great time in Australia, working hard and playing hard! We've finished 3 gigs now, and have our first Pop-Up tomorrow. More photos soon! :)

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