Sunday, 29 March 2015

A Playful Weekend

On Thursday, my Alex from NY came to visit. She works at The Anarchy Zone where I met her the first time and she came over to find out more about the play scene in the UK. Really though, it was a bit of a holiday so we fit in a lot of tourism too. Here are some of the things we got up to:

This is me and Alex, enjoying a little bit of sunshine in the cold.

You can't visit the UK without at least having a scone and tea!

We found Rosie and Jim on a canal boat, and I got a little too excited!

This is a mock tudor house on the edge of a canal. So well restored!

Here are some tiny kids who really wanted to talk to me through a fence. Hello tiny people!

RAWRAWRAWR - Tea at the dinosaur pub!

We went to visit The Land, and the children jumped and jumped.

Andy joined us at The Land too, and got a very thorough tour of the adventure playground. Different tour from the last time I visited, but still jam packed full of climbing and crawling.

I totally had to take Alex to have naan-as-big-as-your-torso. And we totally ate the whole thing. NOM NOM NOM.

I had a nice weekend-and-a-bit with Alex. After she got on the plane this morning, I reflected on the things we saw and did and I think we packed a lot in, even though the traffic has been terrible and despite the weather being decidedly wet. I always forget how foreign the Britain must seem to an American, but was also very happy to realise that now I have a lot of US knowledge to compare the UK with.

I was also really pleased that Alex was able to get a glimpse of what the play scene in the UK is like. We managed to fit in a visit to Andy's workplace, join in with the play scheme in Wrexham as well as spend quality time on The Land. It's all fine and good to talk about this stuff, and show pictures of it, but sometimes you have to see it to really understand it. I hope that Alex was able to absorb some of the awesome play stuff we have going on over here.

I'm pretty tired now, but it feels like I've gone on lots of adventures in 4 days. A very satisfying feeling is brewing inside. I think I will sleep well tonight. It was lovely having you over here, Alex! See you again soon!

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