Sunday, 22 March 2015

Roaming the Hills

I am very blessed to be living near the Pennines. I have access to a lot of great nature, right on my doorstep! Today, I pootled over to the West Pennine Moors and had a little wander in the hills. Here's what I saw:

A sad donkey

A spectacular chicken. Look at its little face pointing out of that hair!

Here's a happy piggy!

I found a tall stone tower. Not sure that it's for, but it's pretty cool.

I found a little secret place next to a little waterfall and under the trees. It was so pretty!

I went to visit a reservoir next and it was lovely and calming. So nice.

I really enjoyed having some time outdoors in nature. Having had a week of solid work I really needed to do something else. Being in nature really re-organises you from the inside out. I didn't do anything in particular, nor did I have any particular goal, and it felt right. It felt like a playful moment just for me, and can feel the benefits. 

Now for a jacket potato on beans! So excited. And then work, hoorah!

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