Saturday, 21 March 2015

Standing On Top Of My World

I've been a little busy with PhD and Pop-Up Adventure Play stuff, but I am still around. Aside from my 365 project, I've also been pootling about and exploring places as usual. You know me, working hard and playing hard.

There's a new street gallery in Leeds where the British Isles has been laid out on the ground and you can see where the gallery images have been snapped. I was just chuffed about standing on top of Manchester!

Here's a misty photo of Leeds on a grey day when I went to uni the other day. I've always felt very blessed to have such a great view when visiting Fraser.

And here is Sirene, my new Singaporean friend who came to visit me and Pop-Up Adventure Play. We had a fun tourism day in Manchester and talked about play!

Stuff for my PhD and for Pop-Up is actually going really well. I'm really chuffed about my progress with my PhD, our new book, our new adventures and with future projects! I could probably go in to more detail on all of this, but I'm just really happy, it's hard to put into words. So all I'm gonna say is yaaay, I'm on top of the world! :) Weeeeee! :)

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