Saturday, 18 April 2015

A World of Glass

My college friends and I continued adventuring today, after our little wander around Manchester. Our adventures took us to St Helen's to visit The World of Glass. Shazia and I have been wanting to visit for ages, and we were really pleased to get to go together!

Now, I have to say, there isn't as much made of glass here as you would imagine. There's a cafe by the canal, some galleries, a local history exhibition and an opportunity to see the original furnace and tunnels. It would be good school trip I reckon! There was a lot of interesting history to see, and we got to wear helmets, and see some glass blowing! I had a lot of fun - here are some photos:

This is the entrance to the World of Glass - it's an impressive tower.

This is a chandelier that the glassblowers on site made themselves! It's very pretty!

Here's the bridge across the canal to see the old furnace and tunnels. That's Lee and Shazia!

Here is me and Ric, with our hardhats getting ready for some tunneling.

Here is me and Lee having just been through the tunnels! It was really intricately made!

I had fun today, and the company really made it loads better. The World of Glass was interesting but it could have been so much more. I'm not sure how though. The glass blowing session was amazing (and the glass blowers were much younger than I expected, but super talented), and the tunnels were very cool. I reckon we had the most fun with the hard hats! Haha! I reckon the experience just needed more home blown glassware and the usual array of souvenirs like magnets - I think I just really wanted to buy something to complete the experience. But there you go! I learnt a lot and am definitely still a little bit in love with glass, and will continue to seek out pieces of glassware that I love! 

I had a great day with my awesome friends today, and part three will be tomorrow! Yaay! :)

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