Monday, 20 April 2015

Board Game Night

My college friends and I have started meeting to play board games a lot. But this doesn't always include Ric and Rachel, our Guernsey based PMs. We had two great board game nights last year, which they missed out on, so while Ric and Rach were in Manchester, we jumped at the chance of making a night of it. I didn't take many photos, but I have these: 

I made a carrot, parsnip and walnut cake with lemon buttercream icing.

Here's me and Ric playing giant jenga that Lee got for Christmas.

And here is the compulsory game of Catan.

We also played Quirkle, Carcassonne, Dobble and The Ready Steady Cook game - we really went big with the board games! It was a great evening that had many points of laughter, so much so that my belly really hurt from the laughing! It was so much fun!

It was so lovely to see everyone last night, and just really enjoying one another's company. I particularly enjoyed the section of the evening where me and Ric were just pointing at each other and laughing. It was kind of amazing. Good food, good games, good people. I had an awesome evening. Thank you for being awesome oh Purple Monkeys! :) See you again soon, Ric and Rach! :)

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