Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Status Upgrade: Auntie :)

I'm in Oxford visiting my brother and sister-in-law and am really pleased to make an official announcement: I'm going to be an Auntie. They are due at the end of May, and I'm totally ready to have this status upgrade! It was a beautiful day today, and so I wandered around Oxford until the pair finished work. We decided to go for a walk and took some photos:

Selfie with the parents and bump! Yaaay! :) So exciting!

One of the best photos of the day! Yaay! :) May have to do a little work on the pics so you don't see the watch reflections in the light, but I'll have to do it another day.

This is a nice picture! Weeee! :)

There were loads more pics too, but I've decided to share these with you for now. I'm so excited to have a little person to play with soon, and I'm really happy for both these new parents. Congratulations, Clem and Fiona - I look forward to meeting Baby Law in May! :)

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