Sunday, 5 April 2015

Wanderings at Easter

The weather was absolutely beautiful today so I felt compelled to go outside and do a little exploring. Here's some pics I took on my little adventure:

This is Turton Tower. I found it by accident but it's so pretty! I had a wander around the grounds and admired all the tall trees they have there.

I'm so pleased to be outside, in the sun!

I found a bridge that had turrets on it. On the descriptions, it's called a "Castellated Bridge"

I stood on the train tracks for a bit. It was so quiet, I didn't believe that they would be in use.

I drove up high and took a photo of the sky. Lovely and blue today.

It was lovely to be outside with the daffodils, and to spend a little time thinking about Easter. It was especially nice after a lovely service at church this morning, where we decorated a wooden cross with flowers. It was great to see the church so lively and full, and also to be reminded of the great sacrifice that Jesus made for me.

I spent most of the day on my own today - a rare occurrance that I quite liked. I can enjoy myself no matter who I'm with, and hopefully people have fun when they're with me too. It's another Bank Holiday in the UK tomorrow, and eventhough it's not really different for me (where every day is kind of the same), it is for everyone else so I might even get to visit some fairs and shows. We'll have to see what the day brings! Happy Easter everyone!

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