Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A Trip to Seaham

My lovely friend Nadia has come to visit me from all the way down south! Unfortunately the thing we had planned to do didn't quite happen, so we decided to go on an adventure anyway. We chose to go back to Seaham, where my college friends and I went last year for my birthday!

Here we are, laying on the pebbly beach, taking a break from looking for sea glass and fun coloured rocks. It was actually quite warm and comfy on the pebbles.

I had a great day with Nadia. We had lunch (more home made scotch eggs) on the promenade by the sandy beaches, then we went hunting for sea glass on the pebbly beach. After that, we explored the marina and had some delicious ice cream. Oh, we managed to squeeze in some outlet shopping too, and then we had tea with our friend Fiona! We crammed quite a lot in, even before the crazy rain began, and all the while reminiscing on the days when Nadia still lived up north with me, when we went to the same college, university and church. It was a long time ago, we discovered, and yet our friendship remains. I feel so blessed to have Nadia in my life.

Anyway, it might be the salty sea air, or the long rainy drive, but I am getting a little sleepy now. Hoorah for Nadia, and hoorah for a fun day out! :)

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