Monday, 25 May 2015

Anderton Boat Lift

I've lived in the NW England all my life and I never knew that there was a boat lift in the area. Yes, a boat lift. An elevator for boats. It's called the Anderton Boat Lift, near Northwich. It's a big piece of history, dating back to Victorian times which was created to move boats from a nearby river to a nearby canal. Back then, transport by boat was important for stuff like ceramics and glass in the area, and handballing them off a boat then back onto another boat basically meant stuff got broken and money was lost. Some geniuses came up with a much better idea and created an amazing feat of engineering. 

My college friend Lee was the one who got wind of this boat lift, and today we decided to go on an adventure to find it. Here are some photos:

Here it is, a lift for boats!

It's so big! And very mighty.

Me and Lee! Waiting to see a boat come up and another come down!

This is a tour boat that came down, and that we're about to board for a river tour.

This is our river tour. There were lots of old people. Lee and I picnicked while we had our river tour, eating the scotch eggs I made yesterday :)

Here we are, on the approach to the lift.

We're in the lift! It was ridiculously exciting. We entered at the bottom, and traveled to the top!

Having never heard of this boat lift, I had arrived at the location with no expectations and left super happy! It's free to go enter the visitor center and cafe with plenty of places to picnic and watch boats all day long. The tours are reasonably priced and kinda worth it! We were well impressed! The surrounding areas were pretty too. We had a little wander through the well kept woodlands and visited the marina to look at all the canal boats. There were loads.

All in all a wonderful day out, and I'm really glad that Lee accidentally found some leaflets on it. Looking forward to the next adventure already!

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