Sunday, 24 May 2015

ZanMade Scotch Eggs

I've been thinking about making scotch eggs for some time. When I watch cooking shows, they make it seem so easy so I thought I'd give it a go! Lo and behold, it was actually pretty easy! Boil some eggs, cool them down, coat in flour. Smoosh out the meat out of some sausages, season, then flatten. Roll the egg into the sausage meat, then dip in egg, and finally coat in breadcrumbs. Deep fry and we're done! So simple! Mum helped with the deep frying today as the construction of these things aren't difficult, just a bit messy. Here's what mine looked like:

Ladies and gentlemen - scotch eggs!

My dad helpfully slices it in half for me. Look at how big the scotch eggs are!

I loved the way they turned out - looks exactly like they do in the shops, but better!

These tasted wonderful. They were crispy on the outside, and lovely and soft on the inside. The flavours too - oh! They work so well! It's no wonder why these are so popular because they were delicious. So much better than the ones in the shops. Bigger, healthier, tastier. I don't think I'm ever going to buy them ever again. Oh man, nom nom NOM.

I'm ridiculously happy with my scotch eggs - they're now ready for the picnic I'm having tomorrow! And just as a warning to all my friends from now on - I'll be making these for the next few get-togethers!

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