Tuesday, 9 June 2015

A Day in Wrexham

I pootled over to Wrexham today to meet Angela and his little boy. Angela got in contact with me having followed Pop-Up Adventure Play for some time, and she decided to journey all the way from North Carolina in the USA to the UK in pursuit of knowledge about adventure playgrounds. I met her and her son in Wrexham today and we made a day of it.

First we went to The Venture Adventure Playground, where we had the place to ourselves. The last time I came here with with David Ramsey on his voyage around the UK - it feels like ages ago! After a little tour, we wandered around and talked about how play and playwork works in the UK. My little friend got on just fine as we talked:

Next we went to visit an aqueduct, the Pontcysyllte aqueduct to be precise. (I am no closer to being able to pronounce this since the first time I saw the name.) I've been wanting to come here for ages and I'm so glad that I did! My new little friend and I walked all the way across and back as Angela enjoyed the views. It was absolutely stunning there and with the clear skies we could see for miles! I will have to go back again and go on a boat ride.

Here we are, walking across the bridge, and there's a boat coming the other way. This was SO high up, it was kinda surreal, kinda awesome.

Here's the aqueduct from the side. Amazing.

Next we went to visit The Land. Back in March when I last visited, it was a little bit wet and a little bit grey. This time, everything was lush and lovely! Claire and her team were there to show us around, and I did a little playwork, put out some fires, and generally did what I do. My new little friend really enjoyed himself, learning about how to interact with fires and taking a few little risks, building his own confidence. I think that Angela was a little blown away by everything. It was either that or jetlag!

This is what today's fire looked like - moments later, this was completely ablaze!

And here's my little friend on what he called the favourite part of his whole day: the rope swing.

I really enjoyed my day. There was enough play in there for me, and for my new friends as well as a little playwork in there to keep me on my toes. The weather was lovely too, the first visit I've ever had to The Land where I haven't needed to wear my wellies! I loved talking about play with Angela, and hope that I was able to communicate the the message that Morgan and I have been working on for the last few years: let's create more Yes moments in a world of No. 

It was great to hang out with Team Plas Madoc again and I hope that I'll get to visit again soon! Let's see who the next visitor will be! :)

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