Sunday, 7 June 2015


I've recently come across many circular things. The circular way that social movements develop as part of my PhD for example, and also the Heleglian Dialectic, a cyclical process which theories develop which Fraser told me about the last time I met him. I've celebrated new life, but also heard about untimely deaths, and how everything just seems to cycle back to the beginning again, even at the end. I've been lost and confused within my research, but I know that the next new thought or brainwave will take me through to a new wonderful point where I will then be lost and confused once again. It goes round in a very predictable circle, and actually, I quite like it. It means that journeys both emotional and physical have a way of coming around again, and getting back to that point where you are familiar and comfortable, even if it's weird and uncomfortable 75% of the time.

I felt this today as I helped to organise The Big Lunch at my church - an outdoor feast that was open to all. It turns out that the folks at my church used to do this kind of thing all the time, but somehow lost momentum in recent years and forgot how great it was. It was nice to bring it back round to their consciousness, and to reignite the excitement for reaching out to the community just simply by organising a meal - and quite the meal it was too! It's all come back round again, and people are remembering what a joy it was to do it in the past, with hope for the future.

And maybe all these circular thoughts have broken free from the abstract realm of my brain, and traveled all the way through my fingertips into my most recent doodle:

I really like the effect that this zoodle has, and the colour combinations. It'll be a quite a while before I part from this one.

It's been a good day with good weather, good food and good people. I think I've had some good thoughts too. They were a little abstract, yes, but you know, it just means I'm in that 3/4 section of a circle where things don't always make sense, but I know that moment of clarity will hit soon, and then everything will be comfortable in my head again. So everything is good :) Hoorah for a lovely day, and hoorah for another lovely doodle.

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