Thursday, 25 June 2015

Food, Games and Travel Stories

I met my friends Lee and Dave at Shazia's place today to have some quality food and game time. Shazia made us an excellent Thai curry with rice with a sweetcorn starter, then we played N-Tropy - the game we played last time.

Here's Shazia concentrating hard on the game. It's a cool game - I'm glad I discovered it!

Today was also the closest day we could book Lee in to celebrate his birthday, so I whipped up some meringue, and compiled a peach and honey pavlova based on this recipe. It was delicious.

Happy birthday Lee! Don't eat it all! :)

After delicious pav time, we played a few more games. Qwirkle was first, and then a card game based on Cards Against Humanity. I think I enjoyed Qwirkle more - it has the best colours! :)

Rainbow colours shapes on little wooden tiles? This is a simple game with really tactile pieces that I really enjoyed playing for the first time.

Board games aside, we soon started talking about adventures and crazy travel journeys. We talked about long plane journeys, long train journeys, weird plane stories, fun passenger stories, so many things! Between us, we have traveled to a lot of places and it's amazing to share some of those experiences with eachother. So much fun.

Anyway, it's been quite a day today - I had a lot of fun at Shazia's house, and combined with now warmer weather, for some reason I'm now really tired! I'm going to go and dream up the next adventure, and the next pavlova! :)

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