Sunday, 14 June 2015

Meringues and Meeples

Today, my friends Lee and Dave came round to hang out and try my first ever batch of meringues. I made them into little eton messes with strawberries and they were a delicious follow up to homemade lasagne! Yay! :) The evening also led us to playing a new game I bought for 50p and also a couple of rounds of Carcasonne: it's always fun hanging out with Lee and Dave. Here are some photos:

Here are my meringues which I hand-whipped and baked! Oh yes, my bingo wings need to disappear! :) They were crispy on the outside and almost marshmallow-y on the inside. So good, and not too sweet!

This game is called N-tropy. It was surprisingly awesome, and requires quite the steady hand!

And here are the meeples. Still one of my all time favourite words.

I had a nice night, just chilling out and enjoying time with friends. It's nice to be back home too - I've been really relaxed all day and hardly did any work. I think I needed it too. Hoorah!

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