Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A Moment in Play

I'm walking, like I do most evenings, but today it is beautiful. The sun is warm and pale, giving the world an extra twinkle as it shines. I am in the field in the park next to the dinosaur, and a gentle wind is blowing.

This isn't a photo from the day, but is a pic of the field I was in.

I smile and laugh and sing as I listen to songs noone else can hear. Then all of a sudden the conditions are right. One of my favourite songs is on, and I start dancing. Then I am running, and then there are three excitable dogs. They are running with me, and one gives me a stick. We all run together and it feels free and I am not thinking, I see green leaves dancing and the sun makes everything glisten as the and the wind brushes my face. I am laughing and running and twirling and singing and the dogs run around me. Then I throw the stick and they all jump up and we keep on running and I am beaming.

And then the dogs are gone and my song has finished. I feel exhilarated, amazing, alive. The moment was wonderful, so freeing, and though fleeting, set my heart aflame. It was a moment where all inhibitions were left behind, a moment where there was no thinking, just being. It was, I think, a moment of play, the intensity of which I have not felt for a long time. It has made my heart sing, and has created a permanent memory in my core.

I take my moment and walk on home, happy that this is mine, and hoping that there will be more. More for me, and more for others because this feels great and every person, nomatter how big or small, should have an opportunity to play.

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