Saturday, 11 July 2015

A Shower of Babies

I'm in London! This particular visit is all about babies because, of course, apart from my brand new niece, I'm also going to be getting a brand new nephew! Hoorah! My sister is due very soon, and I have come down to keep her company as she has just started her maternity leave. And also while I'm here, I'm decorating her baby room and attended her baby shower which was today. Here are a couple of photos of my day:

Here she is, the mum-to-be!

I promise there were other people at this baby shower, not just me, Chris and a barbecue.

Sibling selfie!

Here's Zan with the little boy that belongs to the host lady who had us for the barbecue.

Here's me, dressed up and ready for yoghurt!

This is the pavlova that I made for the occasion. Yaaay! :)

And of course, a little time to hang out with Lisa :) She's my future nephew's Godmother!

It was a fun day! There were presents, there was food, there was cake, there was laughter - what more could one want? I met some lovely people and had a nice time celebrating my sister and her pregnancy. I'm excited about being an Auntie all over again and I'm excited for the adventures ahead for my sister and my brother-in-law. Hoorah!

I'm down here for a couple more days then back homeward to Manchester to get some work done before the next PhD deadline. But the fun's not over yet! More to come soon! Sleep first - goodnight!

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