Monday, 13 July 2015

Auntie-To-Be, Again!

I'm really pleased to have done he official photos for my sister and brother-in-law in the final stages of pregnancy. My sister is glowing and happy, and it's nice to see. I was really pleased to take pics with my bro and sister-in-law a few months ago, and I was chuffed again to be doing it for my other sibling too.

It was actually just thinking about raining outside so we only snapped a few pics and then ran back to the car. This one's my favourite, so I will share it with you all:

Sheltering from the rain on a playground, here's my sister and brother-in-law with my future nephew! Hoorah!

The happy parents-to-be asked me to paint their baby room for them. I really didn't know what to do, so we talked a lot about different things that they liked and very soon an idea blossomed in my head. It was very satisfying to paint anything I wanted on a blank wall and having stared intently at a wall all weekend, all I want to do is paint another one.

I decided to paint a tree. It was in neutral colours just in case they have baby number two. And so, you know, I end up with a niece instead. Chances are fairly slim, but you know. Just in case.

I thought that I could also add to the tree in the future, or ask the kids to help contribute to the tree when they get older. So right now, it's just a very simple. My sister is going to buy some wall decals to stick onto one of the branches while the children are still too young to decide what they want. And yes, the branches are on the shelves as well.

And here's a close up of my work. It took quite a while actually, and is bears a resemblance to my other, smaller little works of art.

So, painting, baby shower, pregnancy photoshoot and a quick meet up with Ricky - that was my trip to London in a nutshell. I had a nice time and am glad to have spent some time with my sister before everything happens. The next time I see her, she'll be a Mum - so exciting! I'm really looking forward to meeting the next new person in our family! :) Yaaay! :) Everyone be safe, and be well, that's all I'm asking! I know that God will bless this little family. :)

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