Thursday, 30 July 2015

Edible Fun

To celebrate my birthday with my college friends, my friend Lee took me to a Pick-Your-Own farm. I was super excited - a fun adventure where I get to eat the fun? Amazing, even before we'd set off. Here are some photos:

There were sooo many things to pick! We were spoilt for choice so we got some of everything!

Look at all the fruits available? We picked strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, red currants and gooseberries! Yaaay! :) It was super cheap too!

Here is Lee in between the rows of raspberry bushes - they were so tall!

I really enjoyed my time at the farm. Both Lee and I love taking photos so picking fruit together gave us the same pacing - sometimes pausing for a pic, sometimes picking berries. The site was lovely too -  it's really big and super child friendly! In fact, there were children everywhere, but it didn't seem like it because there were so much to do! I will definitely go back again during another season to sample other freshly grown foods!

After a quick cup of tea, Lee and I were joined by Shazia. We have planned for a while to go and eat a super giant dessert together, and so today was the day. After a light main course, here is our dessert:

The dessert really is as big as it seems in this pic!

We did really well and basically ate the lot, and I am totally still full right now! Haha! So happy though and looking forward to the next crazy dessert! :)

I had a really really nice day and I'm really glad that I have these two lovely friends in my life. Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me - you are amazing!

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