Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Food with Friends

Two days in a row, I went to Didsbury to have food with friends. I don't know how that happened, but I didn't really mind. It was good food with good company so it was worth the long journey there.

On Monday I met up with some girls I grew up with at church. We went to an Italian place and I had this ginormous pizza. Every last bit of it. One of the girls had just come back from HK for a holiday so it was the perfect excuse to meet up. Even though she wasn't very well, it was still nice to chat and have a good giggle. And also attempt a crazy selfie.

Here we all are! Me, Wing Chi, Fiona, Angel and that's Lisa on the right hand side there. We're all there, kinda! :)

On Tuesday I met with my college friends to try out a new burger place. They had some crazy burgers in there, and I decided to go with the deep fried burger - oh yes! It was actually less greasy and heart-attack-inducing than I thought it would be, and I ate it all. We gathered to eat with J, who normally lives somewhere in Europe so it was a nice opportunity for us all to catch up.

Here's Dave, Lee and J,

And here's a Zan and Shazia selfie.

It was nice to get outside and talk to real people. While my work with Pop-Up is incredibly rewarding, I can spend days at a time only talking to people via Skype and my parents will be the only 2 real people I see. They are great and everything, but sometimes I forget what real life is like. It's an occupational hazard, unfortunately, but having reasons to go out and meet friends really helps me to be a little less crazy, and a little more balanced. Hoorah!

So hoorah for a wonderful couple of evenings out, and hoorah for all my lovely friends.

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