Saturday, 29 August 2015

Adventures with the Lams

My cousin Karen, who came over last year, and her family came over from Hong Kong to the UK for a crazy British adventure. And what an adventure it has been! They invited me to be part of most of their adventure (while my parents waited for baby Lucas to arrive) and it was really exciting! Here are some photo highlights of their adventure:

Here we are, in Ramsbottom, posing with a lovely postbox.

Here we are on the Llandudno Pier. That's Kudos and Kalin - peas in a pod until they're chalk and cheese.

Here's me, excited to be on top of the Great Orme.

Here are the Lams - Karen, Kalin, Kudos and Kelvin.

Here's my favourite photo from their whole trip. The beach at Llandudno.

Here we are in Oxford - this is outside Christchurch College.

Here's me and my little niece, hanging out and chatting.

Oh my, here I am at Warner Bros Studios for the Making of Harry Potter. To say that I was excited is an understatement. I got a little emotional, actually. It was awesome.

We went to London and went on a boat trip. This is an awesome pic.

Here's my roomie, Kalin while I was in London with the Lams. And that's Tower Bridge.

Here are the two monkeys on their phones. Always on their phones. Even when sat under a beautiful fake tree in the lobby of a lovely hotel.

Lots of great adventures with these four lovely people.

Oh man, we had a lot of fun and covered a lot of ground. Not chronicled by photo here includes a session at Go Ape, a session at Jumpnation, a theatre trip to see Phantom of the Opera and a visit to Blackpool, Chester and Bath. The Lams also went to York on their own and throughout the journey bought lots of things! Oh! And they also got to meet little Lucas! 

They left yesterday, and I have now finally caught up on work enough to sit down and reflect on our adventure. I really hope the Lams enjoyed their first family visit to the UK. The weather wasn't always kind, but the people were. We ate loads of things, saw loads of things, laughed about everything and had a great time together. I certainly had an awesome time, so I hope they go home with lots of good memories too! It was great to get to know this part of my family, especially the children - may there be many more opportunities for fun in the future! Thank you for visiting!

I will be seeing these four wonderful people in just under two months time on my next adventure with Pop-Up Adventure Play! I will be visiting them in Hong Kong and doing some work too! Yaaay! :)

Hoorah for the Lams, and hoorah for adventures everywhere!

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