Monday, 17 August 2015

GBBO 2015 - Biscuit Week

I left it a little late this week to do my Bake Off bake for biscuit week, but I've just managed it, and it was really successful. This week, I have made a batch of biscotti!

I've never made biscuits like this before, but it wasn't too difficult. It just took a while because I don't have an electric whisk so I had to hand whisk the initial mixture.

They came out really nicely, crispy with a good crunch.

I'm pretty chuffed about this week's bake - they were pretty darn yummy, and I'm glad it actually worked! It was hazelnut and chocolate biscotti based on this recipe but I reckon next time I could put more chocolate and nuts in. As it stood, there wasn't really enough to go around so they were a little unevenly distributed. Mum and Dad enjoyed them, so that's always good! Now to find some coffee drinkers to enjoy my new bake with their beverage!

It's been a ridiculously busy week but I will blog about it soon. For now, please enjoy my most recent bake! Hoorah! :) 

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