Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A Round the World Adventure

It's the 1st September, exactly 30 days before I set off on my round the world adventure with the wonderful friend and colleague Morgan doing work on behalf of my charity, Pop-Up Adventure Play. Have I written about that yet? Maybe not. In the excitement in actually organising this trip, I might have accidentally forgotten to write about this amazing opportunity and adventure of a lifetime. There are a few blogs on the Pop-Ups blog which I've written. But I will tell my story here too.

The fact of the matter is, Morgan and I love to travel. Yes, sometimes we miss our home comforts, our friends, families and our lovely bed, but the sweet call of travel is strong in both Morgan and I, and, well, we decided to make an amazing adventure happen.

We took the invitation from Team Malarkey for a second Australian trip as our cue. In order to prevent 2 very sad travelers from experiencing 20+ hours of plane time in one go, I decided that I wanted to break it up a little bit. And since I'd be stopping at new locations, why not do a little work. And since we were going around the world in one direction why not go back round the other way too? All of this came to me in a bit of a rush and very soon I was pitching this idea to a very bewildered Morgan. This was going to be an adventure like no other.

Now, I am in a position to say that most of the things are in place. I have 2 plane tickets that spans 6 different countries, I have places to sleep at each of the locations, and little work to do too. I've also arranged for Andy (one of the director's of our charity) to be joining us for a part of the adventure, which he is very pleased about. 

So in less than one month's time, I will be sitting the directors of our charity down to tell them about our amazing adventures, both completed and about to begin, and then we will prepare to fly around the world. I am both excited and completely terrified - there are so many elements that are out of my control involved in this project, and I really pray for God's blessings as we traverse the continents on our journey around the world. This is going to be awesome.

Follow our progress on facebook and twitter. It'll be an adventure worth keeping track of.

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