Tuesday, 8 September 2015

An Afternoon in London

After staying the night with my delightful friend Nadia in Oxford, I was suitably refreshed from a day out with my niece and sister-in-law, and was ready to hang out with my brand new nephew and my sister. I've actually hung out with my nephew before, but the last two very brief times I saw him, he was completely asleep. Today, he wanted to be anything but asleep! Here are some photos:

Here he is, my little nephew. He already makes excellent eye contact. Hello!

My little nephew isn't very good at selfies yet. We'll work on it :)

This is my favourite photo of the day. It's screams "AHHH, I'M HERE!"

My little nephew really likes eating, but doesn't like sleeping. Just like meeee! Hahaa! My sister is doing very well as a new mum, and my brother-in-law is doing wonderfully looking after everyone. 

Oh, and Bugsy is doing well. He's being an excellent big brother by keeping out of the way. Either that or he's protesting having a little brother in silence. Noone really knows. He was happy to see me though, cos everyone's attention is elsewhere of recent :)

Here is the bunny of bunnies! Hello Mr Bugsy - we all still love you, we promise!

My parents actually met me in London today, and I have left them there to help wrangle my little nephew into his cot for sleepy time. I left a little sad knowing that I won't see this little person for about 3 months because I'm going to tour, but I'm sure that I'll get some good quality auntie / nephew time in when I come back. See you later, little man! :)

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