Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Blackpool Bonanza!

Morgan and I went to do some training in Blackpool today and while we were there, we thought we'd also enjoy some top quality seaside time. It turns out that Morgan has never been to Blackpool before, so this was going to be a fun experience. Here are some photos:

It was a gloriously sunny day today. I love how the clouds have settled in a line across the blue sky.

Here is Morgan admiring the comedy art work on the ground.

This is quite the image of Blackpool - so such a lovely day!

Here I am, touring one of the piers with Morgan.

And here are the seagulls who were trying to eat our tea while we were eating it - everyone loves fish and chips! :)

We also went to the arcades and spent our 2ps on the machines, we had freshly made doughnuts, visited Blackpool Tower, walked along the promenade, and drove the length of the illuminations. Next time we will have to eat whelks, go on a ride and visit the beach. Oh yes - there definitely will be a next time!

It was a wonderful day all round, even including the presentations that we did! They were very well received, and Blackpool seemed to like us. I think we like Blackpool too! Now to wind down and prepare for the rest of the week! Hoorah!

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