Saturday, 19 September 2015

Cake SOS

I found out recently that DIY SOS, a show that I have been watching for years on the BBC were in the area, and today was the first day for a while that I could go and do a little something for them. Not being a trades person I really couldn't do much, so I thought that I would do a little baking for them. Here's what I came up with:

I made DIY SOS themed cakes - there were hammers and spanners an little houses on coffee or lemon fairy cakes.

This one was my favourite :) I may also love this show because their theme colour is purple. The purple on these cakes was delicious.

Morgan and I drove down to the site where they are fixing up loads of houses for veterans in the local area. It seems like a massive project, and a little baffling as to how it will all finish up. I know it will happen on time, because it always happen on time, but I'm still worried for them - it's such a big project and I want this project to be completed well and on time, for the sake of the tradesmen, the presenters as well as the veterans!

I approached with cake, and they were all so pleased! There was immediately 3 cameras in front of the cake - I was sooo amused. Then Nick Knowles, the main presenter, thanked me for them and took a photo with me! I was so very chuffed! :)

A little over exposed, but there we both are! Yaaaay! :) Zan with a famous person! :) I played it pretty cool too! :)

I think we will go back and help to clean or move things in the next few days. I've always admired the things they do on this show, the people they help and the impact that they have on the community, so I want to be part of this awesomeness! Watch this space! :)

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