Friday, 11 September 2015

GBBO 2015 - Pastry Week

~ Preamble: between this post and the last post, my wonderful friend and colleague Morgan arrived back in my world after quite a confusing series of events. It should be said that almost everything I do now, will involve her too. End of preamble. ~

It's pastry week on Great British Bake Off and I invited some friends around to enjoy my bakes with me this week. I had the choice between frangipane tart, an unpronounceable cheese based pasty, and vol au vents. After much thought, I went with the vol au vents with two different fillings. Here's what I did:

I made 27 vol au vents in the end (didn't want to waste any pastry). I think they really look like the real deal!

This one is prawn and avocado with seafood sauce - a classic :)

This one is creamy mushroom, with the pastry lid back on top.

I'm really pleased about how these came out, and the resulting tastes too. The pastry could have been lighter, but the lamination was awesome, so I'm not too worried. It was crisp, and the fillings were good. I'd like to try this all over again one day, with new fillings until I find my favourite! :)

My friends really enjoyed these little delicacies which turned out to be really filling after about 3. We hadn't expected that! We also had a lot of other fun foods to share too - it was a day of eating fun things! We simply spend the evening talking, eating and sharing stories. Everyone met Morgan and it was nice to have her meet my lovely friends too. Yaay! :)

I'm super sleepy now - it's been a very long, very complicated week so I am going to wind down and rest up. More fun soon! :)

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