Sunday, 13 September 2015

The Throwing of Puddings

Morgan and I decided to go and visit a highlight of the North England calendar - The Annual World Black Pudding Throwing Championship.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with black pudding, it is a savoury meat delicacy that is famous in the area and made predominantly with pigs blood. I quite like the taste of black pudding if I eat it with other things, like as part of an English Breakfast, but folks usually eat it heated up with a little mustard. No, these are not the same as the puddings you get in America. They aren't sweet and aren't wobbly. I am available for further questions if you want to talk more, or need counselling.

Anyway, to the lobbing of puddings - a big tower was set up in the middle of the main street in Ramsbottom, and folks queue up to throw black puddings at the yorkshire puddings on the tower to knock the yorkshires off. There were a lot of people there, and the atmosphere was low key and friendly. Here are some photos:

Here is the tower, and if you look closely, there is a black pudding in the sky! Everyone cheers when the puddings are thrown, it's awesome!

Here are the black puddings, clothed in tights to prevent them from making a mess on the ground.

And here is Morgan, throwing black puddings at the tower.

So we didn't knock any of the yorkshires off, but it was an amazing experience. I feel ridiculously Northern which makes me feel really warm and fuzzy inside. That, and having a bacon, egg and black pudding butties (sandwiches) afterwards - awesome. It was a short and sunny visit and kinda one of the most surreal and amazing things I have ever attended! Morgan blogged about it too, so it's double awesome! Hoorah! :)

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