Monday, 26 October 2015

Zan on Tour 2015: Brisbane

I'm all packed up and ready to fly to Perth tomorrow. I'm sitting in bed and reflecting on the last few days in Brisbane, a city that has been all round surprising and lovely. Here are some photos from our adventures here:

This was the view from my window for 5 nights. Amazing right?

Here are my two companions for this leg of the adventure - Morgan and Justine. We're on the Cityhopper ferry here.

This is an icecream made from liquid nitrogen with a blow-torched meringue on top. NOM.

I fell a little in love with the purple trees in Brisbane.

We briefly visited Surfer's Paradise. There was sun, sand and lots of jellyfish.

Here is the Story Bridge in Brisbane by night. Such a beautiful photo! :)

I also fell in love with some cute dumplings - gyozas to be exact. Such an amazing logo: such amazing food.

I arrived in Brisbane with absolutely no expectations but have been blown away by how lovely the place is! There's a free ferry that takes you up and down the river and there's natural spaces within the busy cityscape. There's so much good food available here, it just seems ridiculous! Everything has been fantastic and I'm really glad and excited to have been here and seen the sights. 

We've been working hard too, of course. All this travelling and an organisation that keeps on chugging along - I'm so glad that I can work from anywhere in the world with Pop-Up Adventure Play! :)

Another day, another new city - time for me to get some rest and get myself ready for a journey across the country tomorrow. Hoorah for an awesome city! :)

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Zan On Tour 2015 - A Few Days in Melbourne

Morgan and I waved goodbye to Andy in California after our visit to Costa Rica an jetted off to Melbourne. We got on the plane on 13th October knowing that we wouldn't be having a 14th October this year. There was a night, then there was day, and it was the 15th.

The view of sunrise from the window Morgan and I shared on the plane.

After what felt like a million years (15 hours), we arrived in Melbourne and were greeted by our lovely friend Justine. Our minds were melty and our bodies were tired so we were completely surprised to find that we had a few days to ourselves, so we went to explore the big city. Here are some photos:

This is a really cool "zine" shop. It sells only handmade, small batch magazines.

This is a shop, decorated by cardboard!

Here is a view from the South Bank. So pretty and blue.

Here is the National Gallery of Victoria. The entrance is a really cool water fountain.

And here a newly discovered pastry - so pretty and so light!

After a few days of exploring the world, Morgan and I are back on the road. This adventure around Australia actually involves a lot of flying - such a glamorous lifestyle we lead! Haha!

This is the view I'm just going to have to get used to!

Right now we are in Brisbane via Sydney and Orange having done a workshop and a Pop-Up. It's been a few hectic days involving a lot of travel, so I'm going to rest up and come back to it. Until then, enjoy these pics - there are more adventures to come!

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Zan On Tour 2015 - Costa Rica

Morgan, Andy and I have just spent 4 days in Costa Rica while on tour with Pop-Up Adventure Play. It was only a short trip, but we managed to fit some fun in too - playworkers have to play! Our hosts in Costa Rica took us to La Paz Waterfall Gardens which were absolutely beautiful! Here are some photos:

Here I am with a local cow

Here's me and a beautiful waterfall.

Here's Andy with a toucan - they were SO cool.

Here is a hummingbird. One of so many attempts to take a decent photo of these speedy fliers!

We also managed to eat some glorious food recommended by something called a torta chilena which is officially my new favourite cake! Our hosts took us up the nearby mountain for food, just to show us this view:

It was absolutely stunning. I promised myself that I would come back again one day, just for this view. And maybe some torte chilena!

We of course met so many wonderful people while we were in Costa Rica. I was humbled at the passion that the Ticos had for play, and how attentive they were to our every word. Both the Pop-Up and the workshop we ran in Costa Rica were really successful, with photos on the Pop-Ups facebook page. I wish so much that we could have spent more time with these folk, learning about their settings and finding out better how we can help them. I know that we will be working on loads of new things in the future, so I may well be sharing more photos of Costa Rica in the future!

Some risky play happening here - such poise!

I feel really thankful to have been to Costa Rica, and to meet friends for the first time in person despite many years of talking on Skype. I'm so excited for future plans with these lovely people, and if nothing else will definitely go back for lots more cake. Hoorah for adventures!

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Zan On Tour 2015: Ithaca, NY, USA

Greetings from New Rochelle, NY, USA. We're here briefly to say hello to our lovely friend Madelyn before swooping off to Costa Rica for the next leg of our world tour. The journey has been eventful already with us journeying by plane, hurtling by rental car and escorted by locals to lots of great places. Now, the Pop-Ups blog will have more thoughts on the work aspect of our adventures - we hope to keep on top of that as we go from place to place. My little blog here is where I hope to share our fun times, and all of my many selfies. What can I say, a playworker has to play. Otherwise it's ironic :) Here are some photos of our journey so far:

Here is Morgan and myself on our first flight together.

This is Erica and Jeremiah - at one point on these adventures, our contacts simply become good friends.

Someone helpfully took some photos of Morgan and myself for future use. This one is kinda fantastic.

I revisited a pumpkin farm from a few years back.

We went to the New York Botanical Gardens - there's Morgan and Andy!

And here we are on the tram (which is more like a bus) inside the Botanical gardens - there's Andy, Madelyn and Morgan.

I'm having a lot of fun so far, taking time out to enjoy ourselves a little to balance out the serious work we've also been doing. It's been really quite tiring - maybe the combination of planning, travelling and serious talk about play has that effect on a person. Whatever the reason, we are making the most of this adventure and taking every opportunity to squeeze some fun out of it too. Tomorrow we will be off to Costa Rica - more photos soon! :)