Monday, 26 October 2015

Zan on Tour 2015: Brisbane

I'm all packed up and ready to fly to Perth tomorrow. I'm sitting in bed and reflecting on the last few days in Brisbane, a city that has been all round surprising and lovely. Here are some photos from our adventures here:

This was the view from my window for 5 nights. Amazing right?

Here are my two companions for this leg of the adventure - Morgan and Justine. We're on the Cityhopper ferry here.

This is an icecream made from liquid nitrogen with a blow-torched meringue on top. NOM.

I fell a little in love with the purple trees in Brisbane.

We briefly visited Surfer's Paradise. There was sun, sand and lots of jellyfish.

Here is the Story Bridge in Brisbane by night. Such a beautiful photo! :)

I also fell in love with some cute dumplings - gyozas to be exact. Such an amazing logo: such amazing food.

I arrived in Brisbane with absolutely no expectations but have been blown away by how lovely the place is! There's a free ferry that takes you up and down the river and there's natural spaces within the busy cityscape. There's so much good food available here, it just seems ridiculous! Everything has been fantastic and I'm really glad and excited to have been here and seen the sights. 

We've been working hard too, of course. All this travelling and an organisation that keeps on chugging along - I'm so glad that I can work from anywhere in the world with Pop-Up Adventure Play! :)

Another day, another new city - time for me to get some rest and get myself ready for a journey across the country tomorrow. Hoorah for an awesome city! :)

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