Thursday, 22 October 2015

Zan On Tour 2015 - A Few Days in Melbourne

Morgan and I waved goodbye to Andy in California after our visit to Costa Rica an jetted off to Melbourne. We got on the plane on 13th October knowing that we wouldn't be having a 14th October this year. There was a night, then there was day, and it was the 15th.

The view of sunrise from the window Morgan and I shared on the plane.

After what felt like a million years (15 hours), we arrived in Melbourne and were greeted by our lovely friend Justine. Our minds were melty and our bodies were tired so we were completely surprised to find that we had a few days to ourselves, so we went to explore the big city. Here are some photos:

This is a really cool "zine" shop. It sells only handmade, small batch magazines.

This is a shop, decorated by cardboard!

Here is a view from the South Bank. So pretty and blue.

Here is the National Gallery of Victoria. The entrance is a really cool water fountain.

And here a newly discovered pastry - so pretty and so light!

After a few days of exploring the world, Morgan and I are back on the road. This adventure around Australia actually involves a lot of flying - such a glamorous lifestyle we lead! Haha!

This is the view I'm just going to have to get used to!

Right now we are in Brisbane via Sydney and Orange having done a workshop and a Pop-Up. It's been a few hectic days involving a lot of travel, so I'm going to rest up and come back to it. Until then, enjoy these pics - there are more adventures to come!

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