Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Zan On Tour 2015: Ithaca, NY, USA

Greetings from New Rochelle, NY, USA. We're here briefly to say hello to our lovely friend Madelyn before swooping off to Costa Rica for the next leg of our world tour. The journey has been eventful already with us journeying by plane, hurtling by rental car and escorted by locals to lots of great places. Now, the Pop-Ups blog will have more thoughts on the work aspect of our adventures - we hope to keep on top of that as we go from place to place. My little blog here is where I hope to share our fun times, and all of my many selfies. What can I say, a playworker has to play. Otherwise it's ironic :) Here are some photos of our journey so far:

Here is Morgan and myself on our first flight together.

This is Erica and Jeremiah - at one point on these adventures, our contacts simply become good friends.

Someone helpfully took some photos of Morgan and myself for future use. This one is kinda fantastic.

I revisited a pumpkin farm from a few years back.

We went to the New York Botanical Gardens - there's Morgan and Andy!

And here we are on the tram (which is more like a bus) inside the Botanical gardens - there's Andy, Madelyn and Morgan.

I'm having a lot of fun so far, taking time out to enjoy ourselves a little to balance out the serious work we've also been doing. It's been really quite tiring - maybe the combination of planning, travelling and serious talk about play has that effect on a person. Whatever the reason, we are making the most of this adventure and taking every opportunity to squeeze some fun out of it too. Tomorrow we will be off to Costa Rica - more photos soon! :)

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