Sunday, 8 November 2015

Zan On Tour 2015 - Reflections from The Land Down Under

It's the night before another long-haul flight. My bags are packed and I am 99% certain that my PJs, charger and hairbrush will find somewhere to live for the 8-hour flight to Singapore. Now I have a little time to reflect on my adventures in Australia but for some reason I am finding it a little difficult to think of one outstanding moment: there are way too many to pick from! So as I scroll though the many photos I have taken, here are a handful of highlights:

A beautiful sunset in Fremantle, WA.

A lovely flight from Perth to Melbourne.

A stampede of dinosaurs at the Melbourne museum.

The flower I see every time I walk into the shops.

The view into Melbourne at St Kilda Beach.

The epic game of hide and seek at our thank you party.

The boat of sushi that we chose and conquered.

These are a few moments from the tail end of our glorious adventure in Australia. And we really wouldn't have had nearly as much fun without Justine of Malarkey. She has been a wonderful guide, an excellent host and an awesome friend. We meet many awesome people during our adventures around the world, and Justine is one of them.

So we have to say goodbye to Australia. We will always think fondly of the amazing weather and top-quality food here. We hope to be back again soon, but right now, we are off to the next leg of our #PopUpsWorldTour2015: Singapore, here we come! :)


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