Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Zan On Tour 2015 - Coming Home

I laid down in my own bed last night and realised that I had traveled around the world. Around the whole of it in a complete (albeit slightly) wiggly circle. It feels a little bit like it never happened - I got familiar with home way too quickly, almost like I never left. Yet many of my conversations with Morgan can still begin "Remember 3 countries ago when we...". Now that isn't a phrase that many people get to say!

The more I thought a little more about that "home" feeling, the more I thought that perhaps I had been feeling at home since I got to Hong Kong. I was surrounded by people I knew and hung out with them all week so maybe I had already relaxed about a week ago!

Here is Karen and Amanda, my two cousins who basically spent the entire week showing us around Hong Kong. I did more tourism in HK than I have ever done ever!

Here are 6 folks who used to all live in the UK and now all live in HK. It was kinda awesome to catch up with them for an evening. From left to right, I hung out with Adrian, Victor, Carmen, Wing Chi, Tracey and Valerie.

And just before I left Singapore, I also managed to meet up with Shyen Sook, a friend that I haven't seen for 10 years! Oh my! It was so great catching up! :)

I feel really blessed to have had the opportunity to spend so much time with my family and old friends over the last few weeks. They have definitely helped me to feel at home and I feel warm inside, even if it's super cold here in Manchester. 

Coming home, back to reality, I am tired but grateful. I'm going to rest up, catch up and do one last stop on this tour and then it's time to make some new plans! More adventures ahoy!

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