Sunday, 20 December 2015

A PM Christmas Bake Off Party

So my friends and I have been doing a Bake Off Bake-A-Long this year during the TV baking competition but I was unable to complete the entire list of bakes because I decided to fly all the way around the world. To make up for that, my friends and I decided to finish off the year with a big bake - a get together to try out our bakes, and to do one of the final challenges. I chose the showstopper challenge, a 3-cake dealio, and Shazia picked iced buns. Lee decided to go savoury to balance everything out and made a pie and hey presto - a PM Christmas Bake Off Party. Here are some pics:

Here they are - chocolate Victoria Sponges with buttercream and fresh raspberry filling! I tried my hand at a bit of chocolate work too - it's pretty hard work for not very much! Haha!

I really like the effect of the alternate buttercream and raspberry filling. I might be doing this a lot in the future.

Here we all are. And there's the pie and iced fingers too!

And this is my secret santa gift - it's a yolk fish! I've been wanting one of these for literally years!

I had a lovely day catching up with my friends and therapeutically baking and decorating! I'm chuffed with how my bake turned out, and I'm glad that I was able to share it with people I care about. I'm so pleased to be sharing another Christmas with my friends from college. Hope there are many more Christmases to come! :)

I'm going to knuckle down and do some work tomorrow. It's time to log some non-Christmas work hours in. Time to sit in my new purple dressing gown (thanks Shazia!), covered in my new purple monkey blanket (thanks Lee and Dave!) and do some serious work. Haha! Hoorah for friends, food and Christmas! :)

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