Saturday, 19 December 2015

Four Days Down South

I pootled down south to take Morgan to the airport and then to hang out with my brother and sister and their families. I went to help out a little as well as hang out with everyone. Of course this means that I spent a good deal of time with two adorable babies. Here are some photos:

Here is me with my little niece, having some morning happy time.

Babies are so much more cheerful in the morning! She can sit up now and looks super cute when she'd doing it! Clothing styled by her mum. Haha.

And here is my nephew. He finds me hilarious.

My nephew looks suspicious in this pic. Ah well, I'm happy! :)

I had fun on my baby adventure. I changed my first nappy, ate a lot of food and generally had some dribbly baby time which was wholly delightful. I came home yesterday pretty sleepy but it was totally worth it. It was good to hang out with their parents too - everyone seems to be doing very well with this new baby thing. Hoorah!

Now to settle in to a couple of days of Christmas things and work. Hoorah too.

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