Thursday, 31 December 2015

My 2015 :)

It's almost the end of 2015, and normally I will go through my blog and list the highlights of each month. This year there really has been too many highlights to be doing that with, so I'm going to list some awesomeness and find a photographic representation of each of my highlights, and group them helpfully. Here I go!

In 2015: I became an Auntie
My niece joined my family in April, and then my nephew in August - I am became an Auntie twice! They are adorable little things and I'm looking forward to growing old with them around! :)

Here we all are, my family in 2015.

This is my current favourite photo of my niece.

Here is one of the best pics I have of my nephew, catching his rare smile.

In 2015: I went around the world, thrice.
I've done the maths and officially, I've traveled at least 73,538.22 miles this year. I flew a total of 28 times this year and only 2 of the flights were delayed! Hoorah! I've also been back and forth from London/Oxford at least 6 times! This doesn't include all my trips to Wrexham and Leeds, and none of those day to day pootles. 

I went to Australia to take selfies with kangaroos

I went to the Virgin Islands to attend a wedding

 And then I went around the world, visiting Costa Rica... 

...and Singapore for the first time.

In 2015: I hung out with my extended family
My cousin, Karen and her family came over the to the UK from Hong Kong, and then I went to Hong Kong to see all of my family!

Here is Karen and family.

Here is Karen and Amanda, representing both sides of the family over there. And my other family, Morgan :)

In 2015: I met up with lots of friends
It's always great to catch up with folks that you've known for a while, and this year I've done that quite a bit. I met a lot of new friends too but I won't embarrass them too quickly on my blog here :) Here are some of the less camera shy folks:

There's Nadia!

These two, Morgan and Andy. I saw them quite a bit this year. :)


Ric! :)

Dave, Lee and J! :)

Shyen Sook!!

Adrian, Victor, Carmen, Wing Chi, Tracey and Valerie!

There's Shazia, behind the complicated game.

Ricky! Yay!

Wing Chi, Fiona, Angel and Lisa in this pic!

In 2015: I was published :)
In a frenzy of activity that feels a little like many many moons ago, Morgan and I published our first ever book. It still seems peculiar to me that I would have written a book with someone and that someone could possibly buy it, but there you go: it has happened! Here it is!

In 2015: I wrote 365 postcards
Yep, I'm just about to go out and send my last postcard now. You can see them all here - you might even be able to spot one that I sent to you! Here are some of my favourites:


Rainbow leaves

And my favourite this year, just some colourful circles!

It has been a wonderful 2015, a year that I wouldn't have expected to happen. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would travel so far. And I would have never thought that I could publish a book, post 365 postcards and be brought so much joy by tiny little humans new to this world, and slightly bigger folks who have been here a while. It has been the year of two Summers, a year of two babies, the year of postcards. 

I feel blessed to have this all in my life and hope that 2016 will bring its own adventures too. I wish you all a very happy new year - hope to see you soon!

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