Monday, 28 December 2015

Two Crazy Days

On Christmas Day, we had a glorious day. It was a quiet day in, eating, relaxing, watching films and chilling out with the family. Outside, it was rainy, but to us there didn't seem to be much cause for concern. It was warm and cosy inside and everyone was passing my nephew around for giggles. Here are some pics:

This is my current favourite photo of my nephew.

Here we are, both confused about the person we were sat next to.

Here's the peeps, posing with this year's Christmas meal - a "pun choi".

It is filled with 11 different dishes of food including chicken, pork, prawns, vegetables and mushrooms! Enough to feed us all!

I couldn't sleep that night because I didn't do enough moving, but I totally regretted it the following morning. On Boxing Day, there was major drama. The river next to where I live swelled up big time and burst it's bank. It flooded the neighbourhood streets where I walk all the time, around my local post office and threatened to take down the bridge - our main access route. Thankfully, the water did not get to our house, but it had us worried for a while. Here are some photos:

This is how high the river got. You can't even really tell that's a bridge any more! There were policemen, and officially looking people everywhere.

There's my post office. It was so bad - at some points there was 3 feet of water :(

My nephew went out to investigate the situation. We decided to move him out of the house when the power went out.

Here are me mum and dad in the 3rd hour without power. We were totally powered by candles - and gas :)

Our power outage lasted 33 hours and although that sounds pretty bad, we were definitely not the worse off. The post office street only got their power back this evening but they won't have any gas for a little while - the floods caused a local footbridge to collapse taking with it a gas pipe which normally serviced the area. The streets which had it worse started their ordeal late on Christmas day and I genuinely don't know how long it will take for their lives to get back to normality.

It's been a dramatic few days. We're praying that there is no more rain for a little while so that the poor folk in the streets near by can get their houses dried out before any craziness starts again. Hope you all had a nice Christmas and Boxing Day - stay warm and don't take electricity for granted!

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