Tuesday, 26 January 2016

A Day of Smiles

I'm down in Oxford right now to hang out with my brother and my sister-in-law and of course my lovely little niece! When I arrived yesterday, she had completely forgotten about my last visit so she really didn't like me for the whole evening. This morning however, I woke up to a super happy little girl - at 5:30am. Ah well, it was totally worth it! I ended up with a whole day of smiles from this tiny little girl and it was awesome. Here are some photos:

Here we are at 5:30am. I was super sleepy but this little person wanted to play! She gave me three very drooly kisses just after this.

Here we are, auntie/niece selfie! :)

This is an awesome photo of my niece and her mum. Such a happy photo!

And here is an attempt at "standing" - there was a lot of leaning,

My little niece spent all day smiling for me, reminding me just how much of a blessing little people are in our lives. I see my parents becoming instantly younger and more joyful simply just being in the same room with my niece and nephew. Children are such wonderful little beings, with such great personalities just waiting to burst out from their little selves. I'm so excited to hear their voices and look forward to being part their playful adventures.

I've got another morning with this little one and then I'm going to see my little nephew! Yay! :) This is a wonderful treat after working super hard on my PhD. Now I feel happy and warm inside. Aww.

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