Friday, 8 January 2016

A Postcard Map

So, I have restarted my postcard adventure for the year. I've send 8 postcards now so I think it's time to reveal my glorious new tracking device. Ladies and gentlemen, my project this year won't be tracked my photos, it will be tracked by miles! Here is a map showing where they have got to now - and if you click in it, you can see the live map!

It's a nice start, but this map should have lots of pins in it by the end of the year!

It will be lovely to see all the locations my postcards fly off to, and also to calculate those miles that I won't be travelling this year. I'm so glad that my postcards are having adventures because I have been been really boring and all I've done is worked until I've caused myself a small injury. :( My best of wishes of my little postal joys - let's see how widespread these happy little gems get! Hoorah!

If you'd like to get involved in my project and have concerns about this map, please bear in mind that I will only be putting you in the vague vicinity of your home town, and nowhere on your street or in your neighbourhood. :) So get in touch - it's just a bit of fun! :)

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