Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year, New Set of Postcards

It's a brand new year and due to the success of last year's 365 project, I have decided to do it all again this year! I have had so many lovely messages and reciprocated post, and a lovely Christmas present too as a result of my year of one-postcard-a-day. I really want to carry on sending smiles everywhere again, so I'm going to do another 365 postcards! :)

There will be a small twist this time round: I won't be travelling nearly as much in 2016 so I will be covering my miles with my post - a spectacular idea of my lovely friend Nancy. It was really difficult to photograph every one of my postcards last year, so I've decided give that a miss and just post up some data instead in the form of a map. :)

So in a few days time (when I've organised myself and come up with a map) I will be able to show my work. For now, here is today's postcard:

If you'd like to be a recipient of one of my postcards, then please get in touch! Let's see how many miles my post can travel this year! :)

Happy New Year, and happy new postcard time! :)

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