Sunday, 17 January 2016

Snow Dinosaur 2016

Last night, after seeing a big day with Hannah and Nina, I decided that I would go out one more time to play in the snow. It was an interesting exercise in restraint yesterday. As you all know, I love snow, and it just so happened that the first snow fall of the year coincided with Hannah and Nina's arrival. As a play advocating adult, I consciously decided to be as excited as the girls and only do what they asked me to do with our day: I would serve as the playworker. I wanted to be there for their play, rather than my (very much desired) own snow play. I think the girls really enjoyed themselves, and I also loved the conversations we had as we explored the space in the snow in semi-darkness.

When they had gone, it was my time to play, who cared if it was 11pm? By setting aside my own time to play, I don't need to satisfy my own play needs when children are in my care. I can just be fully engaged with whatever they're doing instead of meeting my own needs. I'm so glad that I got the chance to play in the snow, building a sculpture that I've been planning for months. Say hello to my snow dinosaur, the little brother to this one and this one:

This little dinosaur was only about... 3 foot high? Much smaller than my previous dinosaurs but he has so much more character! This was his pic from this morning, after a night of frost.

This is a photo of my snow dinosaur freshly done last night. He has a better face than snow dinosaurs of the past. He's so regal in this pic.

I went to bed happy and completely satisfied with a day's worth of play. It was snowing, I was snuggled up in bed, knowing that I had supported play as best I could for two little people, and also taken care of my own playful needs. What an awesome day.

And shhh, don't tell anyone that I always secretly hope for snow.

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