Saturday, 16 January 2016

"You're my friend" - Reflections from a day with Hannah and Nina

The first few flakes of snow fell as I packed my work away, ready for the arrival of Hannah and Nina today. I knew that there was going to be a lot of questions today - about the snow, about the recent floods and about life in general as I spent the day with them. I braced myself for the harder questions that would ask today - they are getting bigger, and their thoughts more complex.

We first went to the river. We've been here before but since the floods on Boxing Day, the space had changed. Dancing around, just like the snowflakes, Hannah and Nina went on the river walk with me. We skated along ice, and walked in the shallows of the river looking for treasures. Nina's right welly sprung a leak, Hannah's gloves got all confused. We even investigated flood debris and got stuck briefly in mud. It was a fun little adventure.

Here we are, wrapped up warm with our colourful hats.

We came home and had some hot cocoa before spending some time with loose parts. We went small scale this time, with only one small tin of interesting things, but they found delight in even those small objects which kept them focused for a good hour.

None of those things in that tub were of much value, but that in itself is the valuable thing - here are some things that you can use how you please. What will you do?

Before long, we were called to eat. We had another "pun choi" a Chinese feast which we also had on Christmas Day. It was incredibly yummy and we came away with happy tummies.

Nom nom nom time.

But the food didn't stop there. Hannah and Nina wanted then to make cake, so with their help, we made some chocolate cupcakes to share with everyone. They asked me why I knew how to bake the cakes and how I did it so fast. I told them that I'd been baking cakes for a lot longer than they had, and when they were big enough, they too would be super fast at mixing. Then they would be able to teach other people of their age. And Hannah pipes up:
"Yes, then we can teach our friends, if we have any"
"I'm sure you'll have plenty of friends" I said
"You're my friend, Suzanna".
"I'm your friend?"
"Yes you are" she said, nodding and smiling.
Here are Hannah and Nina, getting ready to eat their chocolate cupcakes.

There was much more snow when it was time to go home, so we couldn't resist a final frolic in the winter wonderland. Hannah and I simply ran around in the snow, while Nina made a tiny snowman. It was lovely being semi darkness, feeling the snowflakes land on my face, and hearing the giggles of Hannah as she laughed at the snow.

As I waved goodbye, I looked up at the sky and decided that I'd go out again tonight. After I post this up, I'm going to get my warm clothes on and go outside again. Time to make me a nice snow sculpture.

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