Tuesday, 23 February 2016

A Little Magic

On an ordinary day, while you're minding your own business, going about your day just like you do, have you ever felt a little bit of magic? Maybe magic isn't the right word, but just something about a moment that feels like everything is perfect, just the way it is, and it makes you smile for no perceivable reason?

Today, I had one of those. I've been showing a guest from HK around my lovely part of the world, taking her to some of the lesser known pretty bits of the city. This is something I do quite a lot, so it's not new to me, even though it does make me love my city a little bit more every time.

But no, it was after I had parted ways with my guest (she went off to explore some more while I did boring every-day things) and I was struck with a smiley moment:

There's nothing special about this moment really, but something about it really made me very happy :)

I walked along, smiling to myself and didn't think anything more. It was time to get the bus home, but it was taking quite a while. I looked up to the blue sky as I waited and was greeted by another one of those, peaceful, happy moments:

I absolutely love this photo. It made me so happy.

Maybe it was some little signs from God to tell me that everything is going to be okay. I've had a lot to do recently, and a fair few things to be thinking about. Maybe it was a comforting sign: one that only speaks to me. Whatever it was, it made my heart a little lighter, and my brain a little less tangled. I had a lovely day in Manchester, and I think it was extra lovely because of a little bit of magic.

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