Saturday, 13 February 2016

Busy Day Photos

I have been busy. This is not a secret or anything, but it gets a bit boring to talk about, so I haven't really blogged because there's nothing too interesting to write about. I have fitted in some bits of fun where I can so here are some photos:

Here is a meal I shared with my friend Andy. What you see here is an amazing selection of food from a lovely restaurant I will totally be revisiting! It was SO good.

Here is one of my favourite Sylvac bunnies. I love them so much. This one I found at an antique show I visited with my dad. I didn't take little blue home, but I was so pleased I found one!

I ordered some custom printed postcards of my own photos! Here they all are, and they are amazing. They are awesome quality, nice and thick and really well printed! I love them so much! Thank you Moo!

This photo represents pancake day! My parents and I had a lot of fun flipping our pancakes and inventing different fillings. This one is the classic - little butter, lemon and sugar! :)

I met up with some of my fellow PhD friends and we went for lunch. It was so great to see them all, discover new food places and get a little motivated with the work! Hoorah!

I've had to take a lot of walks to work out the knots that you get in your brain when you're working. Here's one of the pics I took on a particularly beautiful day.

I'm looking at these pics and I'm glad that my photography skills haven't suffered from lack of use! The photos are still crisp and nice! :) Anyway, less procrastination and more work! I will be back soon!

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