Monday, 7 March 2016

Eastbourne > London > Reading > Oxford > Home

It's been quite the week, and I have been completely wiped out since I got back. (Actually that's quite the understatement, but this isn't the type of blog where we complain about stuff.) I am back now and will share a few photos of my week with you:

Here I am, at Eastbourne seaside, getting ready for a play conference. You can read more about that here.

I hung out with my little nephew in London. Here he is in a box. Of course.

We all managed to gather in Reading - all the siblings, all the babies. I think this photo specifically is very rare. The dads never get to hang out, especially not with the babies!

I went to hang out with my little niece too in Oxford, here she is all standing up and stuff. There's my sister-in-law in the background.

Back in Manchester, we celebrated Mother's Day with lobster!

So it's been busy and I am tired. I have to recover and then get stuck back into work. I've had a lovely week away, and met lots of people and it was really fun! Now for some sleep, haha! Hoorah for everyone!

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